The name of this organization shall be MacDill Officers’ Spouses’ Club hereafter referred to as MOSC. It will operate on MacDill AFB pursuant to the provisions of AFI 34-223 and with the consent of the installation commander or designee. The organization shall be self-sustaining and is not an instrumentality of the United States Government, nor is it entitled to the sovereign immunities and privileges of the United States Government. Operation is contingent on compliance with the requirements and conditions of all applicable Air Force regulations.




The MOSC is a two-part organization.


a. The social part is a private, nonprofit organization, which is organized in compliance with Section 501(c)(7) of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and operates to promote social, recreational and other similar nonprofit activities for its members. Hereafter referred to as the MOSC-S.


b. The philanthropy part of his organization is a private, nonprofit organization that is organized in compliance with Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS and is organized exclusively for scholarships to eligible candidates, donations to non-profit organizations, and other persons or groups in furtherance of philanthropic or educational purposes. Hereafter referred to as MOSC-P.




a. The MOSC is governed by its Constitution and Bylaws. The MOSC may also institute standing rules that implement the Bylaws. Should there be a conflict between the MOSC Constitution and any Bylaws or standing rules, the Constitution shall govern.


b. The MOSC will not sponsor, support, or participate in any activity or with any organization that engages in discriminatory practices.


c. The MOSC and its members will not prejudice or discredit the United States Government or conflict with governmental activities.




a. Membership in the MOSC is voluntary. All prospective members, regardless of length of time on station are invited to join at any time and pay the membership dues. Membership and related action based upon race, age, disability, religion, national origin, ethnic group or gender is prohibited.

b. Membership is defined below.

        1. Regular – The spouse of a commissioned or warrant officer of any Armed Forces             on active duty status. Spouses of Guard and Reserve officers are also eligible.

The spouse of a retired officer, the spouse of a deceased or missing officer of any Armed Forces, the spouse of civil service or key civilian personnel in officer-equivalent grade (GS-08 and above), spouses of deceased civil service or key civilian personnel that served in officer-equivalent grades.  Spouses of foreign military officers assigned to MacDill.

2. Honorary – Any person deemed appropriate to be honorary by invitation from the MOSC President. The honorary memberships will be reviewed and renewed at the beginning of each new board year by the MOSC President.


c. Membership will be terminated as follows:

        1. Upon permanent departure from the vicinity.

        2. Upon written resignation to the Membership Chair.

        3. By the Governing Board with a 51% approval vote by the Executive Board for             activities involving discreditable conduct.

        4. For failure to pay dues for three consecutive months or for two unpaid functions,             after proper notification.


d. Reinstatement for membership can be accomplished by applying in writing to the Membership Chair for reinstatement and tender payment of all accrued delinquent dues. The letter will be presented for the Governing Board’s approval.


e. Guests shall be:

Guests ineligible for membership in the MOSC (with the exception of special guest of the MOSC Board, such as scholarship recipients and first function of prospective member) will pay for the function they attend on the same basis as regular members. Guests shall pay event fees and can participate in Ways & Means activities. Guests may attend no more than one event per membership year.  Limitations may be imposed on guest attendance at functions or activities if the board should deem such action necessary for the welfare of the MOSC.

    Guests may include, but are not limited to, the following individuals:  

    a. Temporary house guests may attend MOSC functions as the guest of the member.              

     b.Visiting Officer Spouse temporarily assigned to or visiting Tampa, may attend regular MOSC functions.

     c.  Individuals eligible for membership in the MOSC may attend one monthly social and one small group function prior to joining MOSC (The August   Welcome social does not count as first attendance.). If they would like to attend subsequent MOSC functions and attend Small Groups, they will be required to join and pay dues at that point.

    d. Unlimited fundraising events do not count towards one large event and one small event. You can attend as a guest as these are open to the public.

   e. An individual who is not eligible for membership must be sponsored for a one time event participation to attend a function by a regular or honorary member in good standing.  

f. Privileges and dues will be as defined in the Bylaws.

g. Members personal contact information will be used for MOSC-related correspondence.




a. The Governing Board, which is composed of the elected officers, chairpersons of standing committees, advisors and  Honorary Members, governs the MOSC. The advisors consist of the spouse of the Commander of the 6th AMW or designee.  The Honorary Members consist of the spouse of the Commander of SOCOM and CENTCOM or designee. The President may appoint additional advisors and Honorary Members as necessary.


b. The Executive Board is composed of the elected officers, the parliamentarian, and the advisor(s).


c. The elected officers are President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Third Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

    1. The President and a minimum of one of the Vice-Presidents must be a regular member.


d. The duties of the elected officers are outlined in the Bylaws and individual job descriptions.


e. All positions in the MOSC are strictly unpaid volunteer positions and must be filled by MOSC members in good standing.




a. General Membership meetings shall be held as provided by the Bylaws, but in no event shall there be less than one meeting in any three-month period. A quorum at a general membership meeting is the number of members in attendance. A simple majority, fifty-one percent (51%) of those present is sufficient to pass a motion.


b. Board Meetings shall be held as provided by the Bylaws, but in no event shall there be less than one meeting in any three-month period. A quorum at a board meeting is a simple majority, fifty-one percent (51%) of the board members present. Proxies, phone votes and e-mail votes may be used as designated by the Bylaws.


c. Elections shall be held annually, in April, at a business meeting of the general membership as designated by the Bylaws.




The Constitution and Bylaws Review Committee will consist of the Executive Board and an Advisor. The Parliamentarian will serve as chair. This committee will review the Constitution and Bylaws of the MOSC every year.  If changes occur, proper administrative and legal approval must be obtained.




The amendment process will consist of the following:

a. Any proposed amendment will be submitted in writing by a member, to be considered by     the Constitution and Bylaws Review Committee.

b. The Review Committee will review the proposed amendment, if passed by majority vote it will then be presented to the Governing Board for their approval.

c. If the proposed amendment is passed by a majority vote of a quorum of the Governing Board, it will be presented at the next regularly scheduled General Membership meeting. The written amendment will be posted on the MOSC website under the Members Only section for at least 14 days.

d. All amendments approved by the General Membership must meet approval of the 6th AMW Force Support Squadron Commander or designee to be adopted.

e. Once a proposed amendment has been considered and disapproved, it will not be     reintroduced for a period of one year.

f. In the event that any provision of the Constitution will be deemed illegal or contrary to any Air Force directive, such portion will be deemed changed administratively to conform to the same directive. Notification will be made to the general membership by the Parliamentarian.




The MOSC will maintain two separate accounts for funds.

1. Social Fund.

a. The S fund account will contain funds raised and spent in accordance with Section     501(c)(7) of the IRS Code.

b. The funds for the S account will come from member activity fees and dues paid by all     members. Other methods of financing may be used as appropriate in accordance with the     tax status of this fund.


2. Philanthropic Fund.

a. The P fund account will contain funds raised and spent in accordance with Section     501(c)(3) of the IRS Code.

b. The funds for the P account will come from the net proceeds of activities designated as fundraisers in accordance with the tax status of this fund.


3. S and P fund-raising activities must be approved by the Governing Board, authorized by the installation commander or a designee, and permitted by Air Force Instruction and state law, if conducted on MacDill AFB.


4. The authorized Tax Code numbers shall remain on file with the Executive Board and the 6th AMW Force Support Squadron.


5. The administration of the MOSC, including its publication, shall be executed at absolutely no cost to the U.S. Government.


6. The MOSC will comply with all local, state, and federal laws.


7. The president (or treasurer) will appoint a certified public accountant with accordance to AFI 34-223, 10.7, to conduct an audit when annual gross revenues are equal or exceed $250,000; or an accountant to conduct an audit when annual gross revenues are $100,000 but less than $250,000. The MOSC pays for this service to the CPA. (AFI 34-223,10.7.3 If gross annual revenues are less than $100,000, but more than $5,000, an independent audit or financial review is not required. However, such POs must provide an annual financial statement to FSS/FSR NLT 20 days following the end of the POs fiscal year.)


8. The MOSC will not engage in activities that compete with those of any Services Division, NAFI, or Air Force Exchange operation on any installation, except as provided in AFI 34-223.


9. The MOSC will comply with Air Force regulations governing giving and receiving gifts.




a. The MOSC is subject to such restrictions, laws, taxes, licenses, and ordinances that may be imposed on it by local, state, and federal jurisdiction.


b. All members with the exception of those members of incorporated clubs should be advised that financial liability incurred by the MOSC might result in individual personal financial responsibility if the treasury fails to discharge obligations.




a. The MOSC will purchase and maintain liability insurance coverage against personal injury and property damage claims that may arise from the activities of the MOSC or its members per AFI 34-223, or obtain an insurance waiver from the installation commander or designee. This waiver with completed signature blocks must be attached and should be updated annually.


b. If insurance coverage is waived for the club’s normal activities, the MOSC will obtain insurance for special events commensurate with the risk involved.


c. MOSC Members are aware that they are jointly liable for the obligations of the organization.




Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised Edition, shall govern all parliamentary procedures not covered by the Constitution or Bylaws of the MOSC.




Upon dissolution of the MOSC, all club funds and property, real and personal, in excess of liabilities shall be disposed of by recommendation of the Governing Board and approval of the general membership in accordance with the IRS Code and all applicable Air Force Instructions. Any such assets not so disposed shall be donated to a USAF NAFI or to the USAF as determined by the MOSC executive board in accordance with AFI 34-201 or AFI 51-601. If assets are not sufficient to satisfy the liabilities, the membership may be held liable for the difference thereof. The MOSC will notify the installation commander or a designee of the intent to dissolve.