Small groups are a great way to connect with fellow spouses over a shared interest. We hope you will consider joining one of our independent member lead activity groups. We offer several opportunities monthly for exploring the Tampa Bay area, hobbies, and other leisurely activities.

 Please remember that small groups, as well as all MOSC events are not appropriate for individual members to promote their personal businesses.  

Have an idea for a small group? Contact our VP of Social

Click HERE to view upcoming Small Groups Happenings.

***Members are reminded that MOSC sponsored functions, meetings, and activities are for adults only, and that out of courtesy to guests, speakers, the serving staff, and other members, children over the age of six months shall not attend unless specifically invited. Guests eligible for membership may attend one function prior to joining MOSC. Guests not eligible for membership may attend no more than one event per membership year. An individual who is not eligible for membership must be sponsored to attend a function by a regular, associate or honorary member in good standing. Limitations may be imposed on guest attendance at functions or activities if the board should deem such action necessary for the welfare of the MOSC. **


Brandon Fish Hawk Social Group

Want to meet people in your neighboorhood? Come meet up with other MOSC members for coffee, lunch, or a fun evening out! Please check the monthly calendar for the events planned. Dates will vary.

POC: Christa Delgado (

Book Club

Read, dicuss, digest. Join us in livley discussions and delightful meals! Each month a new host will choose a book and a place to meet. Expand your horizons!

Meets every 3rd Monday of the month - Time and Locations TBD

POC: Laura Maravillas (

Epicurious Group

People who love to eat are always the best people. This group is for the epicurious spouse.

POC: Kate Juneau and Rachel Wagner (

Fisher house

Help Support one of the most amazing groups around, Fisher House. They offer free lodging to all military families while loved ones are in the hospital. We are looking for donations of juice, bread, fruit and homemade casseroles and for drivers to deliver this  breakfast up on the First Thursday of each month for the families staying at the Fisher House

POC: Ann Pederson (

Kayaking GROUP

Discover a new and fun hobby! Explore lakes and rivers, even the ocean!

POC: Alice Tavassoli (

Lunch Bunch

Join us in getting out of the house and exploring fun new lunch places in Tampa!

POC: Vacant (

Lunch with Littles/ Play Dates

Little Kiddo friendly lunch places where you can let them run and play while you hang out with other cool moms and dads!

POC: Vacant (

Potpourri Group

Hockey game? Doggie Play Date? Musical? Who knows with this group of mis-mash events there will be something for everyone!

POC: Michelle Raber (

Quilting Club

Meets every 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month @ 9:30 - 2:00pm – MacDill Chapel Annex 1

POC: Suyapa Lee (

South Tampa Coffee

Coffee Coffee coffee...join us for yummy coffee and treats at local coffee houses in South Tampa!

Meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month @ 9:30 am – 11:30 am

POC: Vacant (

Wine Group

Sample delicious wines all over Tampa!

POC: Natalie Winslow and Courtney Bilyeu (